Available units

Introduction to Pastoral Care (Certificate Unit)

Introduction to Pastoral equips students with a biblical understanding of the nature of caring for people and begins to lay the foundations for equipping students with practical pastoral skills. The …

Old Testament (Certificate Unit)

The Old Testament unit deepens our understanding of how the Old Testament hangs together, its narrative, and its theological message.

New Testament (Certificate Unit)

This unit equips students with an introductory knowledge of key themes within the New Testament and how these themes relate to pastoral care in our ministry contexts.

Practical Pastoral Care (Certificate Unit)

Practical Pastoral Care equips students with an applied framework to provide pastoral Care in a variety of ministry contexts.

Bible Overview

This Bible Overview unit helps students understand the unfolding biblical narrative from creation (Genesis) to the new creation (Revelation) and equips students to trace particular themes, such as cr…

Disability and God's People

This unit equips students with a Christian perspective on disability and with the skills to contextualise this perspective to life and ministry in the local church and within today's world.

Exegesis in Romans

This unit equips students to understand the book of Romans and to be able to use this understanding in their everyday contexts of life and ministry.

Foundations of Holy Spirit, Grace, and Hope

This unit introduces students to the doctrines of the Christian with a particular focus on the Holy Spirit, the foundation of grace, and the significance of hope within our daily lives as Christian b…

Practical Discipleship and Mentoring

Practical Discipleship and Mentoring equips students with a foundational understanding of discipleship and mentoring as they are transformed in the light of the Christian gospel.

The Rise of Christianity: Acts to the Reformation

This unit equips students with the ability to trace the major developments in church history from the book of Acts to the Reformation era with the goal that each student will relate learning from the…

Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief shapes how students view grief and equips each student with the ability to support a grieving person within their ministry contexts and in everyday life.